U buntu Now promotes and practices the principles of peace and kindness by caring, sharing and being in harmony with others. In World Cup nations, we sponsor ambassadors working for gender equality. We strive to act in the spirit of Ubuntu as defined by Desmond Tutu, Nobel Prize Laureate and aim to cooperate with others.

As part of our support, we use our expertise to teach congruent NGOs how to utilize social media and disseminate their message to the global audience.


Ubuntu Now was created by experienced marketers that believe in leveraging the World Cup in making a difference. The founders had initiated a number of previous cause projects, but decided to become more involved this time: the incorporation of Ubuntu Now, Inc. as a Colorado Non-Profit corporation allows for a higher level of engagement. Our team of international specialists stretches from well-known social media marketing experts to psychologists, soccer insiders and organizations already working successfully across the globe.

We are experts in creating awareness in non-traditional ways. Our professional marketing and community management abilities are a perfect match for the needs of the program: gathering widespread support and taking action on what we believe in. We utilize our existing relationships and work with a network of corporate sponsors. This project offers a unique way for businesses to gain profile, act authentic and become involved in something truly meaningful.

We are a registered 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Colorado.