Arena Fonte Nova in Brazil opens!

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Arena Fonte Nova in Brazil opens!

We’re definitely paying attention to progress in Brazil for the upcoming World Cup, and are happy to see that a third stadium was unveiled yesterday in Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Called Arena Fonte Nova, it has a capacity of 48,744 and gorgeous, as the photo illustrates. In fact, it’s also going to be used as part of the friendlies match in June between both Brazil and Italy then Nigeria and Spain. Friday’s opening ceremony included Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, Bahia governer Jacques Wagner, Brailian...

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India's sobering New Year's eve

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On December 16th a 23-year old student was gang raped by six men in New Delhi. She died from her injuries in a hospital in Singapore on December 29th. All six men have been arrested and charged with murder. The name of the victim has not been released yet. With this sad story India has reached a tipping point. The outcry over this horrible attack has not ebbed after a day or two but rather intensified. Men and women are protesting with an intensity India has not seen before when it came to cases of rape. Many New Year”s eve festivities...

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Abby Wambach, the best female soccer player in the world

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Depending on whom you ask, Abby Wambach is currently the best female soccer player in the world.  Out of the roughly 3.3 billion females on the planet, the US Women’s National Team forward is the best at playing the sport of soccer.  For those that might disagree, simply look at Wambach’s recent Olympic stats as well as her international record. This past Monday in the U.S. Women’s National Team’s semi-final round game of the London 2012 Olympics, she scored the game tying goal against Canada, which was her fifth goal of the summer...

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Goal Line Technology endorsed by FIFA

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It’s not the first international match where a goal was denied, but when Ukranian forward Marco Devic had his ball cleared by England’s John Terry without being counted as a goal, it was a reminder of how much soccer relies on referees who can’t always be in the right place. Television replays showed the ball crossing the line — as happened again in other EURO 2012 matches — but replays don’t matter: if the ref doesn’t call it during play, it’s not a goal. Fans were outraged and rightfully so: if...

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The Surprising Popularity of UEFA Euro 2012 in America

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There are a lot of theories about why soccer, the most popular sport in the world, isn”t that successful in the United States. It”s getting better, but anywhere else in the world we wouldn”t have to explain why we like the sport, we”d be sharing knowing smiles with fellow fans, confident that our obsession is shared and appreciated. Heck, when I was a kid, there wasn”t even the option of playing soccer in a youth league in New York — just a short hop on a plane to the rabid soccer nation of England! —...

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The US Men’s National Team is about to run a marathon

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“Marathon” has numerous meanings, ranging from a long distance race to a time consuming process. The use of word to describe distance, just under 42.2 kilometers or slightly over 26.2 miles, originates from the distance between Marathon Greece and Athens, and isn’t necessary accurate for the case of the United States Men”s National Team (USMNT).  When used in the context of time, similar to the commonly known road race, a marathon can stand for a process that takes tremendous energy and a great deal of time. This is far more...

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Personal predictions and expectations for the 2014 World Cup

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Are you excited for the 2014 World Cup yet? I am. The qualifying started in June 2011, a full three years before the actual event. The teams in South America and Europe will start their long qualification runs later this year and selection of the final 32 spots will be made by November 2013. I look at this as more than just a soccer event, however. What are some things that are going to happen? 1. Overall FIFA dislike We will certainly see local vendors and event sponsors get frustrated  with FIFA once they learn how restrictive the rules...

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The most important piece in the gender equality puzzle?

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Today I went to a panel on the Status of Women and Girls around the World. Experts Judith Morisson, Judithe Registre and Merle Lefkoff spoke at the 64th Conference of World Affairs (CWA) in Boulder. All three panelists agreed that women”s rights have taken a huge step forward over the last 15 years  on a global level. Of course a large number of inequities still persist. Eventually the conversation touched on the role of men in this conversation. Men”s privileges or the loss of them come into play as soon we talk about women...

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Demographics of Brazil

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This is a guest post by Elaine Hirsch. Her interests range from education to technology to public policy. She is currently working as a writer for various education-related sites. As part of the BRIC countries, Brazil was one of the countries which was designated as a developing country becoming a major global power in the 21st century. With a rich stock of commodities and oil along with a growing shift towards urbanization, Brazil was a perfect example of a country rapidly shifting through the stages of the demographic transition. The...

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Child Prostitution Carries Far-Reaching Effects for Victims

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This is a guest post by Allison Gamble. She has been a curious student of psychology since high school. She brings her understanding of the mind to work in the weird world of internet marketing. The global problem of sexual exploitation of children stems from multiple causes and generates numerous subsidiary issues. Two major aspects of the problem are the psychological effects on victims and the reasons why some adults engage in sex with children. Forensic psychology may shed some light on those motivations, but whatever the circumstances,...

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